Textile Design & Aging

An important pillar of the studio’s expertise is the surface treatment of textile materials: dye work, pattern-art of all historic and modern style-epochs as well as sculptural patterns. In addition to that »Couleur & Co.« masters costume-treatments on every undergrounds with particular focus on the so-called »aging« for film and stage: On request we treat your costumes in ways which make them look old, carried and used in every level that you desire.

Theatre Millinery & Hats

Owing the classic milliner education, we produce various pattern constructions and convert felts and clothes into classics of hat fashion or create unconventional, highly imaginative models. The hats manufactured by the studio take effect both in conventional spectacular and in numerous musical shows.

Sculptural Costumes

Our sculptural costumes have one feature in common which could be verbalized as superelevation of reality: be it fatter or bigger, more fragile or more athletic or simply more absurd than actuality… They are the wearable amalgamation of sculpture and costume to which we have given the form on light aluminum constructions or exactly fitting jersey and thus the breath of artistic life.


We model outfits for the face freely, from a model or on the basis of special imprints and process them in paper, leather or foam cast. We cover masks with gold leaf, velvet or imitation fur on request and refine their expression by painting and airbrush technology. If larger quantities are desired, we also offer moulded mask-series.


We manufacture playable costume sculptures in miniature as hand-, folding-mouth- and rod-puppets. They interact with one another in a doll ensemble and prove themselves in ensemble acting with real people as well.


The studio »Couleur & Co.« actualizes objects from the domain of jewelry and the field of fashion according to your or our sketches and reproduces sculptures from small to big sizes in imprint technology and porcelain cast. Anything that hasn’t been brought in form yet, we try to grant a duration which goes beyond moments of real life. We enable felt – a material we grew particularly fond of through our millinery work – to acquire an unusual three-dimensionality and thus surpass its usual boundaries.