Meret Oppenheimer (en)

The »Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg« honored the artist Meret Oppenheim (1913 – 1985) on her 90th birthday with a retrospective that showed her lesser known work as a designer.

Many of her drawings and sketches referring to the applied arts did not go beyond the stage of outlines. For the exhibition »Meret Oppenheim – on the Occasion of her 90th Birthday« the Hamburg gallery owner and close friend of Oppenheim, Thomas Levy, had prepared a magnificent number of her fashion-, jewelry- and design-creations to be presented as objects for the first time. The implementation was based on Oppenheim’s »Book of Ideas« which was made at the end of the thirties. For this exhibition, the studio »Couleur & Co.« manufactured various items from Oppenheim’s jewelry and fashion sketches for the very first time.